NieR Replicant Gideon’s REAL father? (A Memorable Knife)

NieR Replicant Gideon’s REAL father? (A Memorable Knife)

NieR Replicant Gideon’s REAL father? (A Memorable Knife)

NieR Replicant Gideon’s REAL father? (A Memorable Knife)Shadow of play buttonPlay button
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Is this Jakob and Gideon's real dad?
A Memorable Knife is a quest in NieR Replicant available during the second half of the game. Some brief background about their dad and a guy in seafront seems to fit that description. He didn't reveal his identity but he seems oddly suspicious. We just don't know if why he went far away. The information about their mother and the man beside her was from the Despicable Man side quest.

Gideon is a character in NIER. He is the younger brother of Jakob, both of whom live in Junk Heap.

In the first half of the game, he is depicted as a young boy while in the second half, he is fully grown and running the shop in place of his brother. When he was a boy, Gideon was very attached to his mother and brother, and due to his youth was very childish and innocent. For a long time, he behaved like a spoiled child in front of his brother, and would flaunt his status as a younger brother as an excuse for his selfish words and actions.

Jakob, also known as Jiminy in Nier Replicant, is the elder brother of Gideon who lives at the foot of Junk Heap.

Ever since his mother disappeared with her lover, he entered the Junk Heap to collect metals and robot parts, making a living by reinforcing weapons with them. Although he knew why his mother left and that she’s dead, he’s strong enough to keep up a brave front before his brother. Through his dealings with Nier, he realized that he admired his mother even though she was terrible.

Grimoire Weiss is a companion and deuteragonist in NieR and its remake.

He was a hovering, magical tome that served as Nier's access to magical spells (known as Words), new melee attacks, and weapon upgrades.

Grimoire Weiss, also known as the "white book", was initially released with Nier's help. He was known as the white book, because he is meant to stop Grimoire Noir, the black book. In the past, Weiss was a part of Project Gestalt along with those who became known as Grimoire Noir and Grimoire Rubrum. Grimoire Weiss "only contains a small portion of the Sealed Verses' power," as said by Devola and Popola, meaning that the power of the Sealed Verses are immensely strong.

Grimoire Weiss appears as downloadable content in NieR:Automata. His likeness can be used as a Pod appearance.

Yonah is a major character in NieR and its remake. Yonah is either Nier's daughter or sister, who was infected with the Black Scrawl. She knows Nier works hard to provide for her and attempts to find a cure for her illness, but there are times when she just wishes he were home to keep her company. Despite being gravely ill, Yonah remains a courageous and exuberant little girl who tries hard to lessen Nier's worrying, although her efforts often cause more trouble than help. Due to her frail health, she mostly stays at home.


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Their mom's other guy: 0:00
Gideon describes his father: 0:59
Party comments on the father: 1:32
The real father? 2:07


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