NieR Replicant Ending E – True Ending (The Lost World) Kaine remembers her memories

NieR Replicant Ending E – True Ending (The Lost World) Kaine remembers her memories

NieR Replicant Ending E – True Ending (The Lost World) Kaine remembers her memories

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The TRUE ENDING, Ending E - Kaine recovers the person she cherish. At the final part of this route, Grimoire Weiss will join Kaine to battle Hook for one last time. After the fight, you will be given a choice to recover the person you cherish. Choosing no will just lead you straight to the main menu as if nothing happened. This will recover your old save file before the battle with Shadowlord. You will get all your items and words. I felt empty after this; I can't believe it's all over. This is one of my favorite games of this generation.

Play as Kaine in Route E - Reunion of Kainé and Emil. They then try to remember their old memories of Nier. This is 3 years after defeating Shadowlord and saving Yonah; Kaine will lose some of her memory about Nier. I first thought this was copied city from NieR Automata.

After the boss fight with the shadowlord, you will have another boss battle. At the end of the fight, you will have to make a decision to make. You have two choices.

Choose to kill or spare shade Kaine and Tyrann. Choosing the former will result to Ending C; Kill Kaine and free her from her burden. Choosing the latter will result to ending D; spare and save Kaine but sacrifice your life. This is the CANON ending and will delete your save files! If you haven't gotten ending C, get it first. You will still be able to restore your save files after completing Route/Ending E.

End Kaine's life and free her from her burden or Sacrifice your own existence to make Kaine Human again.

(The Lost World)

Ending E is a continuation of ending D, which can be activated after starting a new game and playing up until the second fight with Hook when Nier tries to wake up Kainé. In "Ending E" (told in both Grimoire Nier and NieR Replicant ver.1.22), 3 years after the Shadowlord disappeared, a program to reset the entire Replicant system begins its execution in the Forest of Myth, and Kainé goes to destroy it, alongside Emil, now with a reconstructed body including four arms. Eventually they go deeper into the tree where Sleeping Beauty resides, eventually finding themselves in a place reminiscent of The Tower, and Kainé has to defeat a recreated version of Hook with the help of Grimoire Weiss. Kainé recovers the person she cherishes, which allows the save file the player got ending D on to be restored. Afterwards, a giant flower reminiscent of a Lunar Tear blooms in the Forest of Myth, as the forgotten Nier is reunited with Kainé and Emil, the approximate age as when they first met (16 for Brother Nier, 39 for Father Nier), reconstructed with the “memories” that the tree had of his first visit to the Forest of Myth.

Note: The skin I am using is A2 from NieR Automata; a DLC pack.

Kainé is a companion and tritagonist of NieR, who ends up accompanying Nier after he helps her kill Hook. She is possessed by a Gestalt who dubs himself Tyrann, and as a result of her upbringing and Tyrann's occupation of her body, she has a disposition towards being cold and cruel—although more often than not, she is shown to be shy and collected.


Difficulty: Normal
CPU: Intel Core i9 9880h
GPU: RTX 2070 8GB
Recorder: Shadowplay

Kaine recovers her old memories: (0:00)
Hook Boss Fight: (0:50)
Kaine remembers Nier: (4:09)
Recover the person you cherish: (5:17)
Final Scene: (7:09)


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