Nier Replicant – Beginning – Prologue – Summer 2053 – Goddamn…book!

Nier Replicant – Beginning – Prologue – Summer 2053 – Goddamn…book!

Nier Replicant – Beginning – Prologue – Summer 2053 – Goddamn…book!

Nier Replicant – Beginning – Prologue – Summer 2053 – Goddamn…book!Shadow of play buttonPlay button
■Published2021-07-19 06:53:01
■CategoryNieR Replicant

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NieR Replicant ver 1.22474487139 is a bizarre, mind-blowing game, but it certainly doesn’t go out of its way to spell out the plot. The multitude of twists and revelations within the game are dwarfed by the amount omitted. There is an entire book named Grimoire Nier that explores the lore further, along with several interviews with Yoko Taro that fill in more of the blanks.

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